Sunward Media websites are designed to Customer and Search Engine Specifications. Feature rich, code compliant, responsive websites with built in metrics tools to analyze how your website is performing. Creative design and productive function, all in one attractive package.

Web Design

web design

Sunward Media Produces Attractive and Functional Website Design.

Responsive designs with eye catching graphics, appealing images and banners.

Customized to project your brand and image in a professional and positive light.

Search engine optimized designs with keywords, tags, titles, W3C compliant HTML and CSS coding.

Viewer optimized designs with HTML5 interaction and CSS3 transitions and animations.

Customer Specifications

Sunward Media websites are designed to Customer Specifications
Your images, graphics, logos, color schemes and ideas are molded into a well crafted and informative website, appealing to the audience you are targeting. HTML design with Flash elements: titles, banners, graphics and galleries. Visually captivating websites keep customers on your site longer.

Search Engine Specifications

Sunward Media websites are designed to Search Engine Specifications
Under the hood is where the search engine action happens, and our websites are built to perform. Full meta tags for titles, descriptions and keywords. Extensive navigation for maneuvering around your website. HTML compliant coding and scripts. All the essentials search engines demand for top performance.

Powerful Tools

Sunward Media websites come with high performance tools
You need metrics and activity data to know how your website is performing. A Sunward Media designed website comes with the tools you need to measure your website's performance and make informed decisions for successful marketing campaigns. And Speed matters: be sure your website loads fast with PageSpeed Insights.

responsive websites

Sunward Media builds Responsive websites
Nearly 40% of all website visits are from mobile devices! You need a website that is optimized for a positive visitor experience on all screen dimensions, large and small. Responsive website design keeps your need for resources to a minimum and ensures your visitors have a pleasant viewing experience no matter what device they use.

Sunward Media produces creative designs that will bring viewers to your website and keep them there longer. Friendly, engaging architecture, eye-catching graphics and informative content will create a pleasant and positive visitor experience. Cross-platform compatable responsive frameworks, combined with HTML5 and CSS3, powers all web designs by Sunward Media. Current Technology for optimized designs.